4-Pakning Premium Kluter 30x30

Our bestselling, most luxurious towel – now organic. Introducing the Premium Towel range, our thickest, softest towels, crafted in certified organic cotton. The organic cotton in this 4-pack of towels has been sourced through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing. Plus, we've added an innovative plant-based finish to enhance absorbency and give these towels an even softer hand-feel. In a range of vibrant, seasonal colors, these towels are a smart, conscious choice that help you manage the demands of a modern life. All of our Premium Towels are woven in a terry with a weight of 600g/m2, making them thick and highly absorbent. Regular tumble drying keeps them soft.
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Art.No : 852007201
Fargekode : 632
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